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Jeremy Seitz

Swisscom (previously

In general, our jobs as developers have become easier. More importantly, we get great support from the people that make Locomotive. They’re always very responsive and they’ve helped us a lot with some of the more complex solutions that we've tried to build.

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Paul Eckenrode

The best feedback from clients when it comes to content management systems is zero feedback. They're amazed that they can actually do some of the things that they can do on their own with very little to no website or development experience.

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Christie Roberts

Under the Sun Graphics

I love the user friendliness of the back office and the different ways that I can tweak and do testing on my own has made it very successful for me as a designer.

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David Pierce

Techstars (previously UP Global)

I really hadn’t seen a CMS or any platform before that’s so elegantly divided: business concerns and developer concerns.

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